Hello again

So today I had an Aha moment while watching a Training challenge video for my skincare business. It was all about using videos to share your enthusiasm with the world about these products (email me at margaretdephillips@gmail.com to learn more) and anything else you love that can Entertain, Educate or Inspire someone else.

While I watched this video I thought about what I can do with videos on social media. I made a quick introduction video immediately so I wouldn’t lose my nerve

So watch for me on Facebook, Instagram, and a YouTube channel to be named later.

Also check back with this blog, as I’ve decided to write more.

Also, I’m moving ahead with the kids book.

See you soon!

Author: Margaret DePhillips

I'm a married mom of a teenage girl and a tween boy who finds a career shift is necessary at this point in life. This blog will be thoughts on career transition and unexpected opportunities.

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