Catch-22 Update

Hello Readers,

So I haven’t been blogging much lately.  These last few weeks have been an adjustment for our family.  My DH is traveling a lot for work.  We’ve all been getting used to the new schedule and doing well with it.

I’ve started my book project with one chapter nearly done.  I borrowed a library book of a similar plotline to read as research.    My DS is also lending me another book of its type.

I’m also working my Rodan + Fields premium skincare business.  This has changed my life in so many ways, from having something that is all mine to showing my kids I can do it to the wonderful people I’ve met.

My kids started school today, and I’m feeling energized about my work again.  I have 6.5 hours to do my Rodan + Fields work, write on my blog and focus on my book project.

it’s time for this wife and mom to get going on the journey to my best career yet – one I design myself!!






Author: Margaret DePhillips

I'm a married mom of a teenage girl and a tween boy who finds a career shift is necessary at this point in life. This blog will be thoughts on career transition and unexpected opportunities.

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