Hello!  I hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday yesterday.  We had a perfect day just the four of us biking, swimming, grilling and fireworks.

This morning I received a call from a recruiter who had a contract to hire position close to home and at a reputable company and in a solid industry.  The hourly rate was clear but the length of contract was very vague.  All in all, I had to say No.  Childcare would cost me almost as much as my take home pay.  Also, when my DH begins traveling for his job on a regular basis, I will be the primary parent about three weeks of each month.      It would be me and me only to work out arrangements for sick kids, before and after school care, and every other logistic involved in raising kids and running a household.

I’m not complaining at all – my family comes first at all times.  I just wish child care and full time work balanced out better financially.  It would be great for me to work full time for a variety of reasons besides money.  I would contribute to Social Security, have the option of benefits should I need them for my family, interaction with adults, just to name a few.  But if it costs almost as much for someone or someplace to care for your children, it may not be worthwhile financially.

While I know this issue isn’t news, I wonder if anyone has found a solution?  Or has an idea for a solution?



Author: Margaret DePhillips

I'm a married mom of a teenage girl and a tween boy who finds a career shift is necessary at this point in life. This blog will be thoughts on career transition and unexpected opportunities.

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